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Deniz Özde Sürmeli, the founder of Sade Kindergartens, has, throughout her life, not forgotten her Kübra Teacher from her kindergarten years and Şenay Teacher from her primary school and has always remembered them with gratitude for the creativity and artistic perspective they brought to her. Based on this personal experience, she has always kept in mind how vital is the value added by educators in early childhood years.

After graduating from the Theater Department of Müjdat Gezen Art School, Sürmeli became one of Müşfik Kenter's students at the Halic University State Conservatory Theater Department. At the same time, she studied Economics by distance education and graduated successfully. Deniz Özde Sürmeli, who has been living with art since the age of 16, has acted in various commercials, has appeared in state theaters and children’s shows and has produced theater plays for children. Sürmeli, who brings educational and artistic dreams together with her goals, thinks that art is the same as the excitement of children and that the world of children resembles a magic journey.

After becoming a drama teacher, Deniz Özde Sürmeli became a mother and decided to start a school that was the realization of her long-term dream. She started working together with a kindergarten before her daughter Sade Angelina was born in London. When she returned to Turkey, Deniz Özde decided to first create a small London in a 3-storey villa in Incek, Ankara and achieved becoming a huge family with hundreds of children, as the result of this dream. Although she is involved in different occupations, she works without leaving her job and she knows all the parents and especially the children closely, while also working with a professional team on every detail.

Deniz Özde Sürmeli, believes that the fine arts are very important in child development and that learning art, and a second language, contributes to the development of multiple thinking and the intelligence of children. The following training is undertaken according to this perspective:

  • Play Therapy,
  • First Aid Training,
  • Family Counselling and Life Coach,
  • Mind and Intelligent Games,
  • Drama,
  • ORF &Waldolf
  • Reggio Emilia,
  • Montessori,
  • Elocution, Presenter and Announcer,
  • Implementation of Picture Analysis and Psychological Tests.

In addition, she is preparing to graduate from the Department of Child Development this year. At the same time, as a mother, she is able to meet the needs of a child from 10 months to 5 years, and continues to grow her family by focusing on safety, hygiene and education.

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