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  • The entrance time to our school is 8 a.m. and the departure time is 6 p.m.
  • Each morning, our students are welcomed by the duty teacher. Entry and exit times are recorded by the duty teacher.
  • The children cannot be delivered to a third party without giving information to parents.
  • Sick children must rest at home.
  • It is compulsory to bring a medical report after home care.
  • After breakfast, our teachers together carry out training programs with our students in accordance with the rotation system according to age groups.
  • In our education system, our second language is English, and our third language is Russian.
  • Leaving the traditional kindergarten patterns, we carry out a series of activities to recognize, develop and guide children's innate talents with the support of professional educators.
  • We have 14 classrooms, a multi-purpose hall, sleeping rooms, dining hall, art workshops, front and back gardens of 2000 m2 in our school. Children receive education through different stimuli and not by staying in the same classroom throughout the day, but by going to all of our classrooms.