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  • We do not use convenience food in our school.
  • All meals are made by our chef in our own kitchen.
  • We do our shopping at Migros Virtual Market.
  • Our chef possesses a Hygiene training certificate.
  • We do not use processed meat (salami, sausage, etc.) and chicken in our kitchen.
  • All kinds of food and drink prepared in our kitchen are done so with dispenser size bottled water.
  • Foods, such as cocoa, cream, etc. are not used in breakfast and mid-afternoon meals.  We pay attention to the minimum use of sugar in the foods served in the mid-afternoon meals.
  • All of the fruits and vegetables we use only come from markets selling products with the Certification of Good Agricultural Practices.
  • The minimum level of sugar is used in our menu and the desserts are flavored with honey and grape molasses.
  • During the winter months, in order to take advantage of soup, we serve soup extensively in our mid-afternoon meals. With the coming of spring, the frequency of serving soup is reduced.